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Polecamp 2022
Anna Valfsson

13-14 August INTERMEDIATE 

20-21 August ADVANCED

Booking open 3/5 12.00pm


A unique opportunity to train together with the Sweden elite poledancer Anna Valfsson.


The experience will take you to a magical atmosphere back to the 16th century, along the stately 1km long avenue framed by trees that were planted several hundred years ago, nestled in mighty forests and glittering lakes is the beautiful Sparreholm Castle.


Here you can enjoy wonderful living environments, peace of mind, food experiences.

Here you are also taken care of and get to experience a pole weekend beyond the ordinary, close to water, wildlife and wilderness. A pole weekend at Sparreholm Castle is not just a training camp its a break from city life. To maintain the exclusivity of the camps, we have chosen to have a maximum number of only eight students / class.


When the food becomes an experience - the kitchen always does everything to give guests a delicious dining experience. The kitchen offers classic food from Swedish home cooking  dinners and all food is made from scratch. Food and drink are in focus and they do everything to give you a fantastic taste experience. With regional ingredients selected according to the season, our amazing chef creates masterpieces.

Between your classes there is the opportunity to walk around the castle garden or why not take a swim in a cooling lake. The castle is surrounded by beautiful nature, lakes and promenades. In the castle stable building, it's a loft where the weekend classes will take place with a ceiling height of almost 5 meters and with a view of a magical environment with animals and nature.

Weekend Classes - Advanced
Static pole 75min 

Spinny pole 75min 

Russian Exotic(heels) 75min -

Contemporary pole 75min 

Stretch 30min (Louise Chatteli)

* Prerequisites - Shouldermounts


Weekend classes - Intermediate

Static pole 75min 

Spinny pole 75min 

Russian Exotic(heels) 75min 

Contemporary pole 75min 

Stretch 30min (Louise Chatteli)

* Prerequisites - Inverts (from floor) and basic leghang

* if you are unsure of which level to select - contact us

So pack the bag with heels, knee pads, socks and the yoga mat and we will take care of the rest! <3

You will stay in the castle itself in a double room, single room or dormitory room


Price 550euro included activities, classes, accommodation at the castle and all meals
NOTE! for single rooms, a fee of 70euro will be added.

Polecamp Intermediate
Start 13 August at 09.00am - 14 August at 5.00pm

Polecamp Advanced

Start 20 August at 09.00am - 21 August at 5.00pm 

Sparreholm Castle, Sörmland

Your invoice will be sent out after we have received the booking together with the weekend's food menu and information.


It is possible to get to us by municipality and we also have private free parking here if you take the car. If you travel long distances or for other reasons wish to come the day before, it is possible to book an extra night at the castle.

For questions 


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